What it do readers?

I come to you this time, again from the phone, to talk about a big thing in my life. 


It’s such a big thing cause I find my self having to find it ALOT!!

Living with my Girlfriend is a new task a new thing. Ask anyone out there if you go to live with someone new or! Go from living on your own to live with another it’s a world changer. 

I lived on my own. Had my own rules. Did my own thing. I would leave the house messy cause no one was every going to come over. Dishes in the sink, clothes everywhere, and stacked up the trash. I didn’t clean unless someone was coming over for sure. Now don’t get me wrong I am a clean person. I love stuff neat. I just didn’t need it neat in my house cause at the time I only spent my  time sleeping in my house. All the others times I was out and about. Hanging with buds, going to events, work, and etc. So, I never made the time.

Now, living with my GF it’s clean all the time no matter what. (My perspective) we fight over the place getting messy. On who’s doing the dishes, laundry, bathroom duties, making the bed, etc. All this stuff I didn’t want to do. Unless!!! I had guest over. But, with the GF it has to be nice always. And don’t get me wrong I love her. But, when I say we have fought like FOUGHT!! anyone that’s been in my boat knows what I’m talking about. So, no need to expand on detail here. 

This leads to compromise. With our work schedules we both have talked it out and got a system down. We both understand we get tired and stuff happens. But, we got a system. Now!! This doesn’t mean we still don’t fight or argue. Just now we fight less and find the compromise in life to best work for the both of us. 

Living with someone else, no matter if it’s a spouse, GF, BF, BFF, college mate, or even family. It’s a new and life change thing. And when you jump in Compromise is the word that will help make living together some how better. 

Thanks for reading this far. 

The up dates in my life. 

  • Christmas shopping sucks!!!
  • Living paycheck to paycheck (who isn’t?)
  • Car broke down but I got it fixed with families help
  • Happy with my life

Always remember 

  • Be Better
  • Be You
  • Be Positive 

Peace fam

2nd blog from the phone.

Placeholder ImageI know it’s been over a week since I last posted. I’ve just been busy and no joke have been wanting to post just never made time for it. However, this post is going to be about Thanksgiving and black Friday. So, let dive on in.

I’m going to start with Wednesday night first. I work at a coffee shop currently and that night was my first time ever to close the store and work as a true like leader in that environment. I worked with two 18year olds and one 17 year old. All of them are in High school still. And I’m 25!! However, we had alot we needed to do to make sure the shop was in too shape for black Friday. The shop had to shine bright  like a diamond. 2 of the kids (I’ll refer to them as kids for now on) were notorious for leaving early and not doing work. But, I wasn’t going to have that. However, they pitched in and did their work. All of them! And we got a top review from the manager the next morning. Everything was on point!

Now, Thanksgiving was kind of a normal day. But, I was nervous. I was asked by my girlfriend to help prepare and cook the turkey for her small family get together. Now, I didn’t want to mess it up or!!! Get her brother and sister in law to hate me. So, it was understandable that I was nervous. We got to the brothers house and everything was smooth. They were finishing up the last parts of cleaning the kitchen and we jumped right in to cooking. Everyone had their own part. Which doesn’t need to be explained. I got help from the brother and we prepped the turkey and got it in the oven. Now at that point I had like 3.5 hours to go to my families house and enjoy my dad’s deep fried turkey!!! Chelsey (girlfriend) had more cooking to do so she didn’t join me. But it was cool. After eating and enjoying time with my family. I headed back to Chelsey to finish up on the turkey. We shot it up with some butter and baked the bird perfectly!!! No joke the word passed around was moist. Haha. After eating we played some video games and chatted and then it started!

Black Friday!!! It was here but started at 6pm on Thursday, Thanksgiving, but hey! I went for the first time with my GF and a awesome friend of ours. It wasn’t so bad. I got bumped in the butt more times then I wanted. I was poor so I couldn’t snag a great deal. However over all cool to see people be out and saving money lol. Wal-Mart and Kohls was the only places we went. Both were packed crazy. Got a blender and crock pot for about 20. TOGETHER!! LIKE NICE ONES!! after that we went to bed and crashed till actual Friday. Which consisted of, Slim chickens for breakfast, and taking our dog to the vet. After a hour drive to our real home. We went out got gorceries and relaxed at home.

Nothing beats family time. But!!!! Relaxing in your own home after being with family. You know it’s true.

If you read this far I am at 552 words. And you are amazing for sticking with it. This should share auto to my Facebook and if you read this far give it a like so I know I got people reading this.

Always remember.

Be Better.

Be You.

Be Positive.


First blog post (sorry for the Grammar mistakes)

Never really seen myself wanting to do something like this weeks ago. However, I find myself writing a bunch just to clear my head. So, why not start a Blog!!
This Blog will be over anything like most Blogs. My grammar sucks cause I have Dyslexia and I already have a hard time spelling right so to get the grammar right is on a whole other level. I have great friends that do this and have encouraged me to at least try it. Who knows this could start the Youtube Vlogs, I just got to start small.

Well lets dive on in. I’m 25 years old. I am a male and identify as male. 5’10/260lbs Very open minded on the real world. Laid back but Uptight on myself. Big dreamer. Stays a way from world stories (news) about today’s demographics because how can i worry about others and things going on if I Worry so much on things in my life. I need to get my own life correct before I could try helping the world. I said big dreamer but I used to never really plan a head. I would go forward in my life from when i woke up in the morning instead of planning out my days, week, months, years. However, now I look forward, I plan head. Don’t get me wrong  my life isn’t together not even close. I have many moons till I have done good. My one Goal in life is to amount to something. Not according to the world but for myself. I cant feel like i wasted my life when it’s time for me to go. On that note lets call it.

Be better. Be You. Be Positive.

I’ll keep these post coming as much as I can.
This starts my Blog life. I don’t have a set time of the week on when I will post but hey its a blog.